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Monday, 28 September 2015

Bits and Balls

Woohoo! That was a great day!

Human friends to walk with to church, via a freerun in Victoria Park! Then a freerun in Northcroft Park after church. Then a bit of work around town. Mum wasn't too impressed about putting my harness on with my belly all soggy, but it had to be done. (It wasn't my fault the river made me wet!). Then back to the boat for a bit of a snooze - interrupted by more visitors. A very welcome interruption though! It was Rosie and James! Yayyyyyy!

After yummies for all, I took Mum, Rosie and James to Victoria Park again. Another freerun! Yippppeeeeeee! James had my ball launcher and he was very good at using it! I had to run some very long runs to get my ball back! It was great fun! We set out with two balls but only one made it back. The other one mysteriously ended up in lots of tiny bits! I can't imagine how or why that might have happened! Ahem!

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