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Friday, 18 September 2015

My Awesomeness Strikes Again!

Hard work for paws and jaws today.
I guided Mum to a human vets this morning. It was a long walk, but it was worth it; I got loads of fuss and admiration there! The vetman himself was fussing me the whole time he was yacketying with Mum. He had tasty front paws too and he liked my paw-cleaning service! He did say something about having to wash them as we left. I have no idea why - I did a perfectly thorough job it!
We then continued on our walk to a big boring shop, where Mum and Dad got some fur substitutes for their hind legs. Then we went to another big shop; one that I recognise. Mum gives me the command "find Boots" and I take her there. She still can't work out how I manage to do that in any strange town where we've never been before! I'm not telling. She can just continue to be amazed by my awesomeness! In there, we had to wait around for a while until a man came out and gave Mum a little bag with a box in it. I took this opportunity to have a lie down on the cool floor. It had been a veeeerrrrryyyyy long walk! It was broken by a very brief freerun in a little park that we had to go through! No complaints about that!
After the shopping, we did something we haven't done for quite a while - we caught a bus and rode all the way back into Newbury! A short walk brought us back to the boat. That was where my jaw exercise started: I got my bone to have a good gnaw on again! Yay! It makes a great thumping noise on the floor! Very effective for making guests jump! Heehee!
Today's guests were Stephen and Jacqui, who are Guide Dog Puppy Walkers. They didn't bring their puppy with them though frown emoticon
They said they are so used to having puppies getting into mischief that thumping noises make them nervous! Hahaha! I, of course, NEVER get into mischief! Ahem! Well, not often........
Later this afternoon, after Stephen and Jacqui left, we went for another walk through town to a pub. Mum says it is called The Bacon Arms. I didn't smell any bacon in there! Mum and Dad were yacketying to a nice lady in there. I just enjoyed some fuss! I gather we will be going back there again sometime soon to do something called a 'talk'. Something to do with part two of our MegaWalk. Mum says she will give me something called a poster to post on here to tell you all about it.
Now.... Paws tired, jaws tired...... Muuuuuuum..... Sofa snuggles time!

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