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Thursday, 10 September 2015


6 miles, 8 locks, a few doggy pals meeted and greeted, a nasty hissing featherball encounter and a nice walk to a pub for (human) dinner. That pretty much sums up today.

The hissing featherball was evil! He was right in the middle of the towpath in Newbury and he hissed at me and fuffed himself up and waddled towards me all big and nasty! Then he hissed again and arched up his flappythings and that made me bark at him! That made him hiss all the more and waddle even more scarily towards me and Mum. I barked and growled and did my bestest to protect Mum. She was scared, but I'm not totally convinced she was impressed by my bravery! She pulled me back and we both moved over onto the park grass. Mum was really unsure what to do because the beast was still coming towards us and right in the middle of the way we needed to go. Then a kind lady came to our rescue. She got between the beast and us and kind of kept guard while I guided Mum around to get past and on our way. Mum said lots of 'thank you's to this nice lady and we carried on up to our first lock. Phew!

A bit further on, a minihuman was wasting vast amounts of bread by throwing it all over the ground and into the canal. The quacking featherballs were hoovering up the bits that went into the water, and the bits that were landing on the towpath were being picked up by lots of grey cooing featherballs. I tried very hard to show them how to hoover properly but Mum tugged me onward nod wouldn't let me demonstrate my skills. Huff!

The walk to the pub this evening was good. It was a route I had taken Mum on when we were doing the MegaWalk. I impressed Mum by remembering the route perfectly! Of course!!! At the pub, apparently called The Blue Ball, we met with Alex, the nice man who was there before. I had a lie down while all the human tipping was going on. They thought I was asleep, but I was listening in! They were saying something's about another MegaWalk, soon, starting from The Blue Ball. I think this is the rest of the walk that we didn't get to do because of Dad disappearing for that time. I heard mention of hoping to get Guide Dogs and puppies along there for a relaunch event on 3rd October.......I am liking the sound if this! I liked the bit of pizza that Mum dropped too! Heehee!

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