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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! We've Moved. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Ooohhh!!! Huff. Humph and Double Harruummpphh! We've moved from the park! We're back on the moorings opposite the squirtysnake place in Newbury. I suppose it's not far from that wonderful park - but....but....but....I soooooooo loved being right THERE - right AT the park! I shall put on my huffiest sulk!
Before we left though, I did have a fab time. First of all, Mum was messy with her breakfast - I had to hoover up toast crumbs. She said she really couldn't work out why my whole breakfast had disappeared in 30 seconds, but yet I took ages chewing a tiny crumb. Well, when such delicacies are so only available in such tiny portions, I have to make the most of them don't I? Apart from which - what WHOLE breakfast? I only got a tiny bowlful! How can you call that measured tinful a WHOLE meal? Especially when I know perfectly well there is a huge boxful still on the bowdeck! Huff! Mum is so stingey!
Mum was also pretty damp this morning too! Heehee! I got her good and proper with a mega big shake and I rubbed my lovely dripping fur all over her leg-cover-fursubstitutes! Hahahaha! That was after a superb couple of hours romping in the park with some new doggy pals. First of all, I was playing ball with Mum. That was good, but then along came two collies and a pointer. I had a great game with them - mainly chasing various balls and disks all over the field. Then a Golden Retriever puppy came along to join us. That was when the real fun began! He is named Banjo, and he is just 10 months old, but already bigger than me! (Mum says that is not difficult as I am such a little squirt! Cheek!). Banjo was wearing a blue jacket, a bit like the ones that Guide Dog puppies wear, but he is training to be an Autism Assistance Dog. Apparently that is a very special job, like mine is, but different. He will look after a young girlie human puppy. Well, regardless of job description, we had a fantabulous time running, chasing, chewing each other's ears and jowls, and swimming in the river!
Eventually, of course, it had to come to an end, but I was a tad pooped out by then! We went back to the boat and Mum tied me to the boat mooring pins outside. She said she didn't want a dripping wet soggy doggy inside the boat. Huff! Well, actually, I didn't mind. It was nice lying out in the warm sunshine, watching the world go by.

Me and just some of my friends from this morning.

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