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Monday, 14 September 2015

Not saying I love it here, but.....

Yep! It has to be said; this is my favouritest bestest fabulousest mooring place ever! Right beside a huuuuuuuge park with oooooooodles of doggy pals to meet, greet, romp and play with!
Today, I have had no harness work to do as Mum has been fully occupied all day clicketyfingersing. I have, however, taken Dad for two long walks to the same place and back again. On the way back each time, he has let me off lead and I had had a fabbyydabbydoozy time playing with several pals, including the three from the boat moored with us.
Now, while Dad is occupied fitting the pipe that I took him to get, let me try to fathom a way to make the boat have to stay here forever.......

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