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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Party Time!

Today started very unusually, but fun! There were lots of humans all gathered around the broken lock gate, including some apparently important workymen. I gather they were trying to assess the damage and find out how to mend it. All the extra people gathered were there to watch and find out the verdict. Me? I couldn't care less why the humans were all there! What mattered waaaaaayyyyyy more was the gathering of doggy pals to play with! There was Woody, the rescued Sprocker, Chloe, a 4-month-old very bouncy Sprocker puppy, a gobby Border-Collie who kept rounding us all up, and a little Border Terror all there for the duration (a couple of those human hour things apparently). Also passing by during that time, and joining in the fun as they passed were a scruffy lurcher, three Labradors of various ages, sizes and colours, a Staffie, a Husky, a pair of whippets, a couple of Heinzes, and a boxer. It was a paaaaaartyyyy!
After that I guided Mum on a good walk along the towpath for about two-and-a-half miles, working three locks as we went. dad drove the boat - backwards for the first half mile!
This evening, after mooring up, I took Dad for a walk while Mum whiskersticked and stroked the floor. We got back way past my dinner time! I don't know how I survived! I was starved for nearly an hour! Whimper!


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