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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Wrong Kind of Play...

Jasper came to visit! Yayyyy! We had a riot! Only a limited riot (Mummy failed to remove my super long lead - she burbled something about being too close to a road!), but a great ear-chewing, jowl-tugging, rolling, romping, kanoodling fantabulous riot!

From time to time our humans complained about something they called invasion of personal space..... well.... they were the ones daft enough to be siting on the floor in our playzone! It seems that a Labrador and a Staffie x Frenchie is a bit too much on one human lap! It also seems that human noses don't appreciate wagging tails in such close proximity! Heeheeheeheee!

This all came after a workywalkies to visit old humanpals at church - and back of course. The bestest of fusses and bellyrubs came from minihuman Livvy. I love Livvy - she is VI like my Mummy and hopes that she will have a Guide Dog like me one day.

Oh- err- I suppose I should mention that Jasper's humans came too! It was nice to clean out Adrian and Jan's ears, and Lizzie was fun too!

Three photos:
Delectable bellyrubs from Livvy and her brother Noah.

Chillin with Jasper (it didn't last long - there was way too much fun to be had!)

A brief break in proceedings while Jasper had his collar felt by his daddy. Apparently 'That' kind of doggy play has to be stopped! Huff!

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