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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Super Cute!

Pawcovers! Ugh! I had to take Mummy pawcovers shopping. I think Daddy did a sneaky on me and left me to endure this task!

Daddy offed and left us to go play with some buses or something. Mummy and I had to wait in the flat for some manhumans to deliver a new white chillycupboard and take away the old one. After they had done this, we set off on our old workywalkies route. It started off great; a freerun in the Clifftop Park, including a meet up with my girlfriends, Lucy and Lola the whippets, plus another couple of whippet girlies whose names I didn't get to find out (they didn't stay long) and a tiny little chihuahua girlie. She was scary! She shouted at me and she moved too blimmin fast for my liking too - especially when she was shouting at me! I may just have let out a bit of a whimper in response and gave her a wide berth! It was nice to exchange sniffs with my girlfriends though, even though it was too hot to do any much chasing about.

After that, we left and I was back on duty, guiding Mummy down the slope and through the gardens. I had to work pretty hard because it was really crowded. We then went into town and Mummy asked me to 'find the door left'. We went in and a nice ladyworkyhuman came to help Mummy. It took forever! She went and fetched so many pawcovers and brought them for Mummy to put on her back paws. Some of them went on, many wouldn't. I just laid down and made the most of the cool floor. After all that though, Mummy put her paws back into her original covers and we left! Great! I thought....'Find the door right' said Mum......Uh-OH! Another pawcovers shop! This one didn't take quite so long thankfully, but with the same result - paws back into originals! Next came a little bit of a walkies to a different bit of town and....guess what? 'Find the door left'. Sigh! Yep! Another one! At least in this one, I got some fusses AND Mummy did at least put some new pawcovers in her bag! Phew! We were on our way again.

I tried my very bestest to guide Mummy the right way; to the beach......but to no avail! She was really stubborn! We had to go up a really steep hill where we met Daddy and then went and got on a bus. For the first time ever, I had to guide Mummy 'Upstairs' on this bus. It was quite along bus ride and it was really bumpy rocky rolly. I stayed lying down for as much as I could but, when it got really rough, I had to stand up and splay out my legs to keep upright!

At the end of this bus ride, we went workywalkies around some streets and along a pawmenade. Mummy says it was called Swonnidge. We have been there before and I remembered it. I even tried to take Mummy into Boots because I remember doing that when we were there with Granny and Grandpa (Mummy says that was about 5 years ago). 'Clever boy, but not today. Straight on' she said.

The bus ride back was similar in that we went 'Upstairs' again. This time though, we were right at the front. After a bit of a jiggly bumpy journey (not so bad though), the bus rumbler stopped. I got up from under the seat to investigate. When I hupped my front paws onto the ledge at the front, I discovered that we were still moving. We were on a huge floatyboat - but we were still on the bus! Apparently, my doing that 'hup' was super cute - and it got me lots of 'Awws and aaaahs' from the other humans on the bus. It got me some lovely fusses too! Heehee!

We went back to the flat when we got off the bus and I got my picnic dinner there. Mummy says it was probably the last time I will ever do that. She says it quite probably the last time we will ever go there because the nice manhumans who came yesterday are going to sell it very soon.

2 photos;
Mummy and me waiting to get on the bus.

Me in my 'hup' at the front window inside the bus on the floatyboat.

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