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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Not Impressed!

That was the bestest ever visit to Tescos!

I thought it was going to be really boring, so I confess to a bit of ploddypawsing! However, it turned out to be good that I did. If I hadn't slowed Mummy down, we would have got into the shop much sooner and I would have missed Ziva.
Ziva is a four month old me! Well, nearly.... she isn't quite like me - she has a bit missing in the 'important' area. I think that is what makes her a girlie and me a boy. That doesn't matter though. What matters is that we had a fantabulous time kanoodling while our humans had a yacketying session. What those humans don't know is what I was saying to Ziva in doggyspeak! Hahhhaaaa! Heehee! They will ever know the secrets I let her in on.

Later, Daddy was a meanie; he went out without me! I was not impressed! I had to stay and look after Mummy! Well... that bit is OK, but I was still not impressed about being left behind. It seems that he went to one of those mouth-drippy stripey shops. He came back with a bag that smelled utterly delectable! Most of its contents went into that chilly cupboard that makes everything go all solid. I managed to forgive Daddy’s meanieness though when he gave me a big juicy bone! The rest of the day seems to have passed by while I did my best to shrink that bone. I have done quite well but I will save some for tomorrow!

5 photos;
3 of my kanoodling meeting with little Ziva.
1 of my afternoon job on that bone!

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