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Sunday, 3 June 2018


Carpet, church, car-ride, castle, chuffy-train. A C-day I think!

Carpet at church to curl up on for a snooze through all the humanhowling. There were some good fusses to be had there afterwards - always worth having!

The car-ride was pleasantly cool. The chillyhuffer was working well. That car-ride took us to a long workywalkies time - firstly into a place where the nice ladyworkyhuman had a big jar of doggy-yummies on the checkout. I had to 'hup' to greet her and receive a yummy! Then we went across a road and along a long pathway through highly sniffable territory. It led us to a big hill with lots of big rocks and walls on top. Just walls - no roofs or doors or floors... most odd! Mum said it was called Corfe Castle. It was really just a pile of rocks... but apparently they were 'interesting' rocks... I tried to make them more interesting by leaving a weemail or two on them (well that would have made them much more interesting to any other passing pooch!) but Mum wouldn't let me! I did manage to munch some tasty long green strands of grass from a few tufts. I also got plenty of fusses and admirations from several humans who seemed to be finding these rocks 'interesting'.

After a bit of a lie down in the shade while Mummy and Daddy munched lunch, we set off again around a few narrow streets with very narrow pawments. This led to a train station. Daddy was very happy as there was a huffy puffy chuffy train that we got to ride on. I was quite ready for a snooze on the floor while Daddy got all excited!

The car-ride back was a bit creepy-crawly in bits but it was nice to be in the stream of the chilly-huffer again. We just about made it back to our humankennel in time for my dinner! Phew! Then it was downstairs again for another snooze while Mummy and Daddy munched again.

Having taken Daddy for his evening walkies (only a little one tonight), I am now very ready for a bit of Mummysnuggles time.

4 photos

Me asnooze on the carpet between the seats at church.

'Hup' - paws on counter to receive my fuss and yummy from the nice ladyworkyhuman.

Getting fusses and admirations at the castle.

'What are you looking at down there Daddy?' I decided to 'hup' at the wall high up on the castle to see what this 'view' was like that the humans seemed to be admiring.

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