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Monday, 4 June 2018

Oooooodles of Yacketying!

Afloat again! Back home aboard floatyboatyhome.


It has a been a loooooong day that started with a serious failure on Mummy's part; she had bacon! She failed to drop even a single atom of it my way! Harrumph! Next , after bag-packing and car-loading, came a workywalkies to 'Find Teri'. I found Teri, no problem, and she did all her usual clickyclunky, crunchy ouchy things to Mummy and Daddy. I don't understand why this seems to make their mouths go up at the ends! It worries me! I have to keep a very close check on proceedings and they often say 'Ooooh' and 'Owww' and 'Ouch' as she is doing her thing. She is a very nice ladyhuman but she won't ever get me hup on her torture-table-bed-thingy!

Then began the long car-ride home. The chillyhuffer was welcome - it was super hot in Bournemouth. The first half of the journey got us to Newbury where it was much cooler. I had to workywalkies Mummy along the road, over the bridge and along the towpath again. This time, after stopping for a yacketying session with a ladyhuman we have met before, we went on towards the park moorings. There we found Peter and Lin; our dear humanfriends from Canal Ministries. I got to snooze on the floor of their floatyboatyhome while the humans did oooooodles of yacketying. A brief freerun around Victoria Park was very welcome after that; just what was needed to set me up for the second half of the car-ride back to home.

Now, Mummy has unpacked all the bags again, I have taken Daddy for a little walkies to the Co-op and back and now I am ready for MummySofaSnuggles time. MuuuUUuum.... put that tippetytappetytoy away and shove up a bit on that sofa......

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