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Monday, 11 June 2018


Work first. Play later. Mummy says that has always been her motto. Well, it was mine today too!

It all started off with a workywalkies to the bus stop, then a bus ride, then a looooooong workywalkies to 'Find Sainsbury's'. It was a hot workywalkies that made my tongue hang out all the way. It was uphill and downhill and uphill and uphill again.....Then, Mummy was about to walk straight past Sainsbury's. 'Straight on' she said. Well, I gave her 'the look' that said 'Err...I don't think so'. Then I looked left and gave her a little tug left - and she called me a smartybum! There, to the left, was a huge Sainsbury's! 'Told you so!'.

When we got inside the shop it was all lovely and cool and Daddy disappeared for a few moments, so I took the opportunity to have a lie down on the cool floor. That got my tongue back inside my mouth again! Mummy produced a kind of squidgy flat thing out of her bag and it popped up to make a bowl. Mummy then got out a bottle of water and drank some of it herself from the bottle while I had a slurp at the share that she had poured into my little squidgy bowl for me. Sharing is always good!

We were in there for ages - mainly for Daddy to get some new leg-covering-fur-substitutes. He went into a little cupboard, came out wearing different legs, then went back again, emerged a second time wearing different ones again, then, after a third disappearance came back wearing the original ones again. WHAT was all that about? Oh well.... it got me some fusses and admirations from other humans going in to do similar changes.

When we got home again, Daddy went outside and snipsnipsnipped the grass all along by our floatyboatyhome. Then he got a pot of really stinky blue gloop and started dipping a whiskerstick in it, then used it to stroke the sides of home. Humans are just completely unfathomable!

A bit later, after my dinner and Mummy and Daddy's dinner, we got a visit. It was Jasper buddy again! Oh - and his Daddy Adrian too. This time we didn't get to play outside (apparently blue wouldn't be a good doggy colour), but we did enjoy a good riot inside floatyboatyhome for a few glorious minutes while the humans did a load of yacketying.

Two photos: 
Me workywalkiesing Mummy at a kerb, waiting to cross the road.

Jasper and me having a good ear and jowl-chewing session.

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