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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Doggy Riot anyone?

Anypup in Rugby up for a playdate?

We are back! We are in Rugby, moored by the parkyplace (Mummy says it is called Brownsauce or something). I seem to remember a rather wonderful Guide Dogs Riot time in Winfield Park when were here before. I'm sure I could persuade Mummy and Daddy into another one! Mummy says we will be here until the morning of Monday 18 June.

Soooooo........ how's about it pooch pals? Who's up for a good old romp in the park in the next few days? Or maybe..... just maybe....... if you can't all make the same time then I might just manage two...... it would be a hardship but.... well...... I think I could manage it!

Tell me when you might be free....

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