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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Swallowed by a Tunnel!

I had a very special time with my Mummy this morning. Just the two of us went for a leisurely stroll to the wonderful Millennium Woods. It was a nice morning - not too bright but not too dull, so Mummy was able to find her way along the towpath and up the hill, then around the trail in the woods. That meant I got to freerun! Yayyyyy! I was a good and caring boy though - I didn't stray far away from Mummy. I kept her within my watchful reach. I showed her where the canal sticks out into the towpath, so she didn't fall down the hole. I also went 'upsteps' at the bridge carefully beside her to make sure she was OK on them - they are a bit tipsy-twisty. It was just a lovely, relaxing time of wandering and sniffing - and, of course, I got to catch up on some local gossip via the weemail network!

At the top of the hill, there is a patch with no trees, but lots of long grass and a couple of human sitteries. Mummy made use of one of them and sitted for a bit. I just had a good old sniff around for a while, then had a lie down in the long grass. Just chilling out with my Mummy!

That was a good start to the day. Just nice before a leisurely cruise - lying on the back deck watching the water ripple by. We did get swallowed up into a nasty tunnel for a while. I joined Mummy inside for the duration of that bit. We don't like those horrid dark, drippy, cold tunnels. We survived though and came back out into the light again. Phew!

Seven locks all in one flight rounded the day off rather nicely!

2 photos
Me lying in the long grass at the top of the hill.

Me lying on the back deck watching the water go by.

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