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Monday, 30 October 2017

Wheelieseat Fusses!

TWO impromptu meet n greets with Guide Dog colleagues. Now that is what I call a superb workywalkies!

We set off along the towpath then through the twitten and on to 'Find the bus stop'. Mission accomplished, we waited. Then along came Slipper; a Guide Dog girlie buddy that we met when we were in this Rugby place before. Of course as we were both on duty, working on harness, we had to remain professional, so a simple meet n greet was all we could get away with. I was impressed though; Slipper sniffed out Mum's treats pouch and managed to persuade Mum to demonstrate it's purpose! Yummy work Slipper! Thanks!

It was only a brief encounter because our bus came along, but I'm sure I heard Mum say 'See you tomorrow'.......I like the sound of that!

On the whole, our trip around town was a good one. I had plenty to do in keeping Mum out of trouble in the busy shoppyplace. I also had to 'Find Specsavers' yet again. I did, of course, but it was a find that kept me still for quite some time. Mum had to sit in one of those big chairs again while a ladyhuman put weird eye windows on her and then put little disks in and out of them. She also zapped Mum's eyes with a very bright stick. I leapt up to check Mum was OK after that! She told me 'It's OK. Lie down. Good boy'. I was reassured but kept a careful watch on the rest of proceedings.

After all of that, Mum seemed rather miffed. It seems that they can't make the eyewindows that she wants/needs to help. I shall just have to do my job then shan't I?

Inside that shoppyplace, I found my second meet n greet opportunity. Barney is an almost qualified Guide Dog. He still has the orange coloured flash on his lead that means he is a puppy in training, but he will graduate soon. It was great to have a bit of a kanoodle with him though. A welcome interlude in a hard work workywalkies. I may just have ever so slightly forgotten about true professionalism in the presence of such a young playful colleague. I maaaayyy have done a little bit of vocal play along with some mutual ear chewing and jowl-tugging - what Mum calls my elephant seal impression!

In all of this, and in the various shops, and on the bus home again, I got lots of fusses and admiration. I am always happy to oblige with accepting such attention. On the bus, there was a lovely ladyhuman in a wheelieseat. I had to share the space with her. This was nice! I got a lap to rest my chin on! In response, I got some lovely soothing head and ear stroking!

The final bit of workywalkies was around Tesco. Dad had left us to take bags home, so I had to strut my stuff with Mum and a wheeliecage. It was a good worky session. When Mum asked me to help her 'find the carrots', I was delighted to oblige. I even ALMOST got to help myself to a nice big juicy reward, but meanie Mummy made me wait until we got home before I actually got to enjoy it. It was a yummy big juicy carrot though! It just about sufficed to help me survive until i finally got my dinner!

2 photos:
Me with Slipper (black Lab x Retriever) at the bus stop, with our respective human-mums.

Me with Barney inside the shoppy centre. Barney is a reddish golden Labrador.

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