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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Fluffy White, Crunchy Clouds...

Somebody please call the pawlice! NeeNawNeeNaw.....This is urgent! A serious crime against dogdom has been committed!

I guided Mum all the way to the big shops - where Pets at Home is - and...and...and....we DIDN'T go in! 'Not today' she said! Well! How terrible is that! I shall start a pawtition to make it a crime to be so mean to a faithful Guide Dog.

The injustice of it all! I had to endure two blimmin boring shops instead: That one that Mum calls 'Geeks' Paradise' (Dad seems to love it and calls it Maplins), with absolutely NOTHING even vaguely worth sniffing in it, and the one that Mum seems to find fascinating; Hobbydaft! I put up with THEIR favourite places but THEY decide that we 'don't need anything from Pets at Home today'........Huhhhh???? But we ALWAYS need lots from there........

I need to lie down in a darkened room! Ooh! This will do.....lots of seats......I can put up with the noisy big people on the wall at the front......Ooooooh! Little crunchy clouds!.....Mmmmmm.....I might consider dropping the charges.....

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