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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Lots of Miles, Lots of Locks

HUMPhrey! My poor poor teddybear! He got fed to the frothmonster, as did my bed mat. I had just got them smelling good! Now, the frothmonster has finished chewing them and they are all hanging up by the hotbox. Poor HUMPhrey is hanging by his ears! Mum used nasty biting things to attach him to the hangyrail thing. I can't reach to rescue him.

Today has been great! It started with a lovely leisurely walkies along the towpath. This was just for the pleasure of going for a walk. I discovered a kind of white cuddly toy thing floating in the canal. I tried to paw it in to within reach, but it stayed bobbing about just out of reach. I tried squeaking to it but that didn't work either. Mum then asked a passing floatyboatyperson if he could see a farmer on the field opposite. The answer was 'no'. It seems that Mum wanted to tell this farmer about his sheep.....

When we got back to floatyboatyhome we had a visitor. A manhuman was using a funny long wagglystick that sometimes disappeared into the little box in his paw. He was stretching it out along the sofa/my bed, which was naked! All the soft squishy comfies were removed and stood along the floor. I got out of the way. There was a warm back deck available for a snooze!

After he left, we set off for the day's work. It was lovely! No cars. No roads. No wheeliewizzers. A couple of passing humans (who stopped to fuss me!), but otherwise, just Mum and me and mud! (and Dad coming along on floatyboatyhome too of course!). We walked a lot of miles, worked a lot of locks and just enjoyed the glorious day with the fireball in the sky.

Now, I'm not sure who is more tired, but this sofa is comfy again......

Photo shows my bed mat (pale blue/grey bath mat) and my poor HUMPhrey bear (large tan coloured teddy with missing nose) pegged up on the drying hanging rack.

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