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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Multicoloured Square

Not a lot to report from a soggy Sunday. Workywalkies to a church with carpet to snooze on and lots of admiring humans to get fusses from. Workywalkies back again to Puppa's home. (Mum kept on telling me to 'huppup' but I wanted to plod to register my protest at walking the same route yet again. I kinda think Mum was a bit miffed with me. Oops!

She didn't stay miffed with me to for too long though. I got a yummy bone to munch on while she did all the sizzly stirry stuff in the kitchen. That was tiring enough to lead nicely into a snoozy afternoon while Puppa made nose rumbles, Dad did loads of clicketyfingersing and Mum did some stroking of floors and worktops. She even stroked the inside of that hot-huffing box that she put yummies into earlier. She got out the noisy carpet stroker and it ate all my bits of bone! She then sat down and did a load of that strange thing with a long thin tail and a little shiny hookspikething. I sat and watched her but really couldn't fathom it out. It seems that she twizzles the tail around the hookspikething and it turns into a multicoloured square that is growing! I didn't bother to watch for long, my eyelids needed internal inspection!

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