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Monday, 23 October 2017

Hunt the Floatyboatyhome!

Unappreciated artist! That's me! Huff!

A few days ago, all my lovely nose art was removed from the windows and doors. This evening I took Daddy out for our usual evening leisure walkies. When we returned, all my paw art had disappeared from the floor! I put a lot of hard work into that masterpiece! Lots of muddy towpath, locks, digging, paw-wiping after a download (Mum thinks it is paw-wiping, but actually it is reloading of my artistic kit), a few muddy puddles...... all carefully gathered and stored in the fur between my pads. The floor was super designer decorated after all that effort. Now is is back to boring oak. And it pongs all wrong again!

So unappreciated! And after all my hard work workywalkiesing Mum around town this morning too! It was our last trip around that Banbury place. The first request stop was 'Find Specsavers' (AGAIN!). Well, of course I did! No problem. In we went, Mummy all excited and hopeful about getting her new eye-windows. There was much yacketying and then some of that strange little plastic rectangle thing, then Mum was miffed! Apparently they can't do her new eye-windows the way she wants/needs them so they did something called a refund on her little plastic rectangle.

Next stop was the shop next door. Mum called it something like Bone Munchay. It was one of those shops full of fursubstitutes. Usually, these are really boring, but I like this Bone Munchay; it had nice ladyworkyhumans in it. They all gave me lovely fusses and they had a box of doggy-yummies behind the checkout! They said my tail was a good floor sweeper!

We then went on a trek around various other shops and streets, including 'Find Wilko' and 'Find Boots' before returning to floatyboatyhome. Except, it wasn't exactly a return; it was in a different place; the other side of town! I sure have to keep my wits about me making sure I get Mum to the right places!

The rest of the day has been a mixture of cruisy-snoozing on the back deck, working locks with Mum and enjoying a little bit of freedom fun along the way.

Now, I shall have to think on my next bit of interior design work.....

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