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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Play Date Mayhem!

"Guide Dogs never have fun"
"Guide Dogs never get to be real dogs"
"Guide Dogs are miserable"
Just a few of the comments that we hear often.

Well....here is the proof that none of those is true!
I have had the most fantabulous, amazing, crazyfun afternoon everrrrr......

Workywalkies to the bus stop. Workywalkies from bus to park. We found my buddy Slipper (Black Lab x Retriever working Guide Dog) waiting for us. Then along came Patience (little black Lab Brood Bitch), and Zaza (pale Golden retriever Brood Bitch), Fudge (toffee coloured Retriever puppy) and Gabby the tiny Golden Labrador puppy. A superdooper gaggle of Guide Dogs! We all had to (try to) sit still for a moment or several while one-eyed-clickyboxes did their clicking at us all, then it was harnesses off and '"Wait.....Three.....Two.....One....GO PLAY"!!
WAAAAAYYYYYYHHHHHHAAAAAYYYYYYYY! It was doggy delirium! We had an absolute blast!

Then along came a very special Black Labrador. It was Dixon, my doggydaddy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Did we have fun!

Of course, we all brought our respective humans with us too but they didn't matter (except those who had yummies of course!). What mattered was the running and chasing and rolling and chewing and running and chasing and........ooooooh! A huge park, a whole horde of hounds and freedom!

Dad said he took a short video of us and will upload that in a moment. In the meantime, here is a collection of photos to prove that GUIDE DOGS MOST CERTAINLY DO HAVE FUN!
Pre-Play Gathering. L to R: Zaza, Patience, Fudge, Slipper (hiding behind) Gabby & Oakley.

Sitting, waiting. L-R: Patience, Zaza, Fudge, Gabby, Slipper & Oakley.

The moment of the best command any Guide Dog ever hears: "Go Play"!

The fun begins! Legs, tails and paws everywhere!

Me and my Daddy Dixon.

Daddy Dixon & Me. Great minds alike - yummies to our right!

Guess where the yummies were!

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