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Friday, 6 October 2017

Fantabulous Fun!!!

......my patience was rewarded though! Mum said I deserved a bit of a relaxed day after all that has been happening.....so.....we went for a FREEEEEERRRRRUUUUUNNNNNN! YIPPEEDIPPEEDOOOOOO!

We went to that huuuuuugenormous open grassy place, beside the River Tems, that made me squeak when we cruised past it on our floatyboatyhome! It was fandabbydoozeee there! I got to run and run and run, and roll and romp and do big huge zoomies. There were loads of featherballs on the grass by the river - I tried to catch them to play but they made a load of loud honking noise and flapped off into a big splash on the water! Hufff! I did find one lying still on the grass but Mum and Dad shooed me away from it. They said that a headless goose is not lunch! Hufff! I did just....perhaps.....errr....maybe....sneak in a quick spa session in the river too! Well, it was my treat day! Heehee!

It was fantabulous fun. Even better was that Mum and Dad decided that a long walk home was a good idea to give me chance to dry off! Well, I was happy to oblige! I was almost dry by the time we got back to our floatyboatyhome. Just right for a good snooze by the hotbox!

6 photos:
Sitting with the huge expanse of Port Meadows behind me.

Pose for a portrait - just my head with blurred green grass behind.

A full immersion spa session in the River Thames - swimming toward camera.

Investigating the river's edge - nose down having a good sniff around.

Splashing back out again.


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