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Monday, 2 October 2017

"Hup" on the bus!

BEACH!! I got a run on the beach! Yayy!

OK, it was only a little run......and a little sniff.......and a VERY brief play with another doggypal......but it was a run on the BEACH!!

It came after a workywalkies, a bus ride, another workywalkies and then a humanpaws-warming session in the office at the huge humanswim puddle place where Rosie works. Mum abandoned me there. She handed my lead over to a workyhuman who took me into the office. It seems that Mum and Dad went off to sit at the side of the big puddle to watch minihuman Hallie learning to swim. (another example of dogs-better-than-humans. Dogs don't have to learn to swim. We just do it!). I got some lovely fusses though!

Then it was funtime! A shortish walk along the pawmenade for Mum and Dad, and a chance to let my fur down doing zoomies on the pebbles! This took us into town, where Mum and Dad had a little lunch, then to a bus stop.

The bus ride took us to visit a long-time-no-see humanfriend. She was waiting outside her house. I recognized her multicoloured headfur! It was Jill, Mummy's friend and mine too! We didn't stay long. Just long enough to snooze on her carpet while the humans drank that hot brown waterstuff and do a load of yacketying - of course! Then we had to set off to catch the bus back again. This bus had another long-time-no-see humanfriend driving it. I just had to 'hup' to say a proper hello to Darlene!

Puppa seems to be getting better, but Mum and Dad are doing all the choppy-sizzly-stirry stuff, plus feeding the frothymouth monster machine and all the strokystuff.

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