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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Mum's Been Mean Again. Twice!

These paws are made for walking! And that's just what they've done! They've walked a million miles today! Welll.....OK....maybe a thousand.......welllll.....a blimmin long way anyway! No complaints though! I love it!

Workywalkies to a church - with a very nice carpet to snooze on under the chairs! Lots of minihumans too, so a few crumbs to hoover and lots and lots of fusses and ear-rubs! I'm getting to like minihumans! Then workywalkies back - well - eventually......Where we should have turned right, and I tried to steer Mum right, she said 'find left'. Well, OK then! Left is good. Left goes to Pets at Home......

Huff! We went straight past Pets at Home - AGAIN! Instead we went to a carrot shop. Lots of shops are carrot shops it seems. This one was called Al Dees apparently. I didn't half have to work hard in there keeping Mum from duffing people up with her trolley. It was mega-crowded! I had to weave her left and right and stop her many many times. It seems that, with her little tiny window of lookability, she can look at a little bit of where she is going OR she can look at what she is trying to find on the shelves - but not both! That's where I have to step in and strut my stuff. I steer Mum and the trolley while she searches for all that stuff. I thought I might deserve the big lump of meat that was right at nose level - but just a moment too soon, Mum barked 'Get your shnozzle off that!' Harrrumph!

Eventually, we got back to floatyboatyhome, then floatyboatyhome moved! We have cruised! It was nice to lie on the back deck watching the murky water glide by. I did have to help Mum work a lock too - twice! It was odd! I guided Mum to 'find the beam'. She did her windy-uppy thing with the big shiny bent stick. Then she did her pushy-pully thing to open the gate and let Dad in with the boat. Then, pushy-pully again to close the gate then windy-downy with the bent stick. Down to the other end of the lock and a repeat performance to let the water out and then to let Dad out. That's when the oddness happened; Dad twirled the boat around and brought it straight back into the lock again! So then Mum had to do the whole process all over again but in reverse! After that, Mum and I got aboard with Dad and enjoyed a short cruise. We are moored once again right next to that little park where we were a few days ago. Mum was mean though; she wouldn't let me go play football with the minihumans there! She said I would pop their ball. Well....that's what you're supposed to do with it .... isn't it?

I had my dinner and then got to take Daddy for a leisure walkies this evening.

Now....shove up a bit Mum! I think I deserve more of the sofa tonight!

2 photos:
My front paws - all worn ou.

Me lying on the back deck watching the murky brown water glide by.

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