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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Shove Over, Mum!

Home again!

Workywalkies from Puppa's to the station, via a slightly different route - just for a change!

Lots and lots and lots of trains and stations and 'find the door', 'find the train', 'find the lift', 'find a seat'.......wait and wait and wait at the station......Phew I needed that wee when we finally arrived at this Oxford place!

One of the trains had a really yucky floor. I mean.....cold and hard and NOT carpet! Lie down on that? I don't think so! I shuffled myself between Mum and Dad's legs and made use of Dad's leg for a chin rest!

The last train was nice though - a big area of carpet to stretch out on! Much better! The train before that had some nice fuss-giving humans in the seats opposite. That was pleasant!

But now, we are safely back aboard out floatyboatyhome and I have pretty much demolished a big juicy bone! Now.....Mum.....shove over a bit.....that sofa is my bed too!

2 photos from different angles showing me resting my head on Dad's leg on the train.

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