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Friday, 27 October 2017


Elephant! Mum says I must be an elephant! Errrmmmm.....Huh??

She says it was three years ago when we were last here in this place called Hillmorton. It is familiar! I remember it. Mum says she can tell because I get all squeaky when we arrive at a familiar place. I may have inadvertently let out a waggy happy squeal of excitement as we moored up today!

What IS an elephant? Does it squeak and wag its tail?

Oooh! Thank you to the people who have made donations recently on my JustGiving page. We are still trying to raise another £5000 to sponsor another puppy in memory of Granny. Mum says we might need to find a way to boost it. I propose that we go someplace with lots of people and they all have to pay a shinydisk to give me a yummy......

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