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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Treat-Dispensing Buttons!

Cor! I think I've earned my bone today!

First of all, I had to take Mummy workywalkies to a huge Tesco shop. It was a good walkies to get there (Mum says her talkybone told her it was a mile), then a big challenge guiding her and a trolley around the shop. There were sooooo many humans in there, and loads and loads of workyhumans with big trolleys full of big boxes they were unloading onto the shelves. Mum did the usual thing of lying my harness handle down on my back and then holding my lead on the handlebar of the trolley. We then go slowly and carefully and I follow Mum's commands of 'find right', 'find left', 'straight on', and 'wait'. There is a lot of 'wait' while she searches the shelves for the things she needs.

There was one exciting moment when I spotted a potential poochpal to meet and greet. My excitement was dashed though. I wasn't allowed to meet or greet. Huff! Instead, I ended up doing more waiting while Mum yacketyacked with a manhuman who said he was helping with training my potential pal to be a helper to a human in a wheelieseat. I am sure I could have taught her all sorts of great things!

When we had finished doing the shopping, Mum asked me to 'find the way out. Outside, we found Dad with Puppa's car. He took all the shopping away in the car and Mum and I took a wander back to Puppa's home.

After a short snooze while Mum, Dad and Puppa noshed lunch, then Mum did some choppy-sizzly-stirry stuff, we then set off out again. This time, Dad came too and we went to 'find the bus stop'. This was a tad more exciting! Indeed it was good! A bus ride took us to completely new territory for me to guide Mum around. There were quite a few 'find the crossing' jobs for me and, better still, some of them had 'get the button' treat dispensers too! Mmmmm.... And.....the workywalkies took us to a Pets at Home! Yippeeeee! It seems we needed more food for Meeeeee!

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