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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Special Minihuman Pal Livvy.

Neglect.....Torture......Starvation......Mum was nasty to me! She made me WAIT for my dinner! She burbled something about the clocks have changed.....Nope! The tickydisk is still there on the wall, unchanged, unmoved....not gone back in any way as she suggested. MY TUMMY was telling me it was dinner time. Mum said 'not for another hour yet'.....HOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL! I was wasting away. I was eating myself from the inside out!

When, at last, I did get my dinner, there was not even the tiniest hint of a bigger portion to make up for the delay. Harrrrumph!

After a long 4.2 miles workywalkies to and from church this morning (with a nice little freerun on the way back!) I think I deserved better treatment!

The minihumans were far too clean at their eating thing at church; they left barely any crumbs for me to hoover. There was a nice carpet to enjoy a good face-rub on before a snooze. That was good. It was also really nice to meet up again with some long lost humanpals. It was a church we went to when we were here in Rugby before (Mum says it was three and a half years ago). There were some familiar humans there. The minihumans are less mini now though, but it was lovely to have hugs and kisses from my special minihuman pal Livvy. She is sort of like my Mummy. She is vision impaired, but she has a long white stick with a ball on the end instead of a me.

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