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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Yacketying and more bloomin yacketying!

Oooh! It is good be home. Nothing beats a cozy sofa snuggle after a mega day!

It all started with Daddy leaving us. I then had to workywalkies Mum to the other side of town. She wasn't too sure of the route and was a bit hesitant. I sorted her out though and we arrived without going astray and we found Daddy there!

We had been to this place once before, but this time, it was full of loads of my humanpals that I haven't seen for ages. My tail nearly fell off with all that wagging! They were all floatyboatyfriends! Mum says it was the Boaters' Christian Fellowship Ayjyem. To me, it seemed like a fest of yacketying and yummies! A whole huge table loaded with all sorts of yummies! Oooh! it was torture! A couple of people were nice to me by dropping things that had to be hoovered! I like those friends super especially much!

There was loads and loads of carpet snoozing to be done while they all did endless amounts of yacketying. Mummy was one of the ones who got up on the highfloor and did yacketying into a lollipop. I went with her to make sure she was OK. I wandered off to the back of the highfloor -just to get out of the way of course! It just happens that I found a bag there.....with a very enticing smell coming from within......Mum was mean though, she heard the bag rustle and stopped my explorations! Huff!

There was also a session of humanhowling. This included Daddy howling into a lollipop and wagging his front paw up and down on his multi-whiskered noisebox.

I just laid down and waited for it to end. Well....I was so weak with hunger.....it was at least 10 minutes past my dinnertime by then! I did eventually get my picnic dinner there. Somebody got totally the right idea - that this was just a light snack to see me through until I got home and had my dinner! Mum told him this WAS my dinner! I'm sure he was right and Mum was wrong and mean!

On the workywalkies back home again, we stopped by two manhumans who were sitting on the floor in town. They were all wrapped up and had yummies in bags. They needed some Oakley-love. I was happy to oblige and Mum yacketied with them while I enjoyed some good ear rubs! Mum gave them some shinydisks and we were off again to finish our journey home. It was super dark so I really had to strut my stuff guiding Mum. We made it safely back though and the sofa very soon grabbed me and made me all sleepy on Mum's lap.

3 photos

Me lying in front of the highfloor with Daddy and Peter behind me, both humanhowling and wagging their front paws on whiskered noise boxes (Mum says they are called guitars - Peter's is a six-string and Daddy's is a 12-string).
Me mid big yawn.

Sofa-snuggles - me curled up on the sofa with my head on Mum's lap.

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