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Monday, 20 November 2017


Five miles of soggy workywalkies! Ugh! Actually, it was more workyploddies. I hate working when the sky is leaky. It makes my head hang low, then the drips run off the end of my nose and I have to sniff every leaf on the way to find out if any fellow pooches are as miserable as me! The towelrub when we got home was good though, then the cozy sofasnoozy afternoon was worth having.

Then I got to take Daddy on a leisure walkies but only to a really boring place called Wicks. NOTHING even vaguely edible or worth sniffing in there! Then, on a very brief trip into Tesco, I was tugged, protesting, straight past the aisle with the doggyuumies in it! Not Fair!

I shall cheer myself up by reminding you all about my calendars. They are selling fast, so please do hurry up and get your orders in. ALL the shinydisks raised from these will go toward my fundraising to sponsor another puppy to train to become as awesome as me! Well...maybe nearly....

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