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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Day of Pampering.

Oooh! I like today!

A day of 5. I think I like 5

Mum says that today is our qualiversary. I have absolutely no idea what it means but she tells me it is the 5 year anniversary of our qualifying as a Guide Dog Partnership.

We celebrated by doing over 5 miles workywalkies into town, around some shops (including another eyewindows place for Mum), and back via Pets at Home - Yayyhayyy! I found some good hoovering duty in there and Mum got me some treats.

When we got back home, I got 5 treats - all of them yummylicious!
I got a super yummy dinner - not my normal nuggets but a big plate of something called Ocean Fish with Rice and Veg. It was super scrummy. That was treat 1. Treat 2 was that my dinner was dotted with all sorts of biccies. Treat 3 was a rice bone. Treat 4 was something called a Trotter - that was super scrummy and mega crunchy! Treat 5 was a hugenormous carrot!

All these yummies were enjoyed in utter luxury: on my new bed! Well, it seems that Mum thinks it is the new sofa (cushions) delivered today. I suppose I might manage to spare her a corner!

Mum says that I deserve a day of pampering after 5 years of life-changing hard work, looking after her. I have just been doing my job, but I can happily accept and enjoy this kind of pampering! Yummy. Thanks Mummy.
2 photos: 
Me on my bed (a bath mat on the new blue cushions of the sofa) enjoying my huge carrot.

Me the other way around on my bed (Well - my front paws are on it anyway - the rest of me is lying along the sofa) with my super yummy dinner on a big oval white plate in front of me, trotter and rice bone beside the plate.


  1. Happy qualiversary to you both. Jennie, Chris and Monty xx

    1. Thank you. There is a lovely photo of me and Monty on the June page of the new calendar. Have you ordered yours yet?