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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Eat Your Heart Out, Ralph McTell!

Have you seen the Guide Dog
Who walks the streets of London
Guiding his Mum
with his harness on?

He’s no time for plodding
He just keeps right on striding
Weaving his Mum

through all the crowds

So how can you tell me I’m naughty
And say for me that I’m wearing out?
Let Mum take me by the handle
lead her through the streets of London
Show her how I still work my paws off!

Yep! London again. Workywalkies, train, workywalkies, bug red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies, big red bus, workywalkies........and now.....bone munching relaxation in a humankennelblock!

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