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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Passed Out...

Three and a half miles workywalkies on an extended route to Tesco. Not complaining! Most of it was on nice(ish) path away from the road, some was along very busy roads (on the pavement of course!) and one very nice bit was free-run! Yayy!

I am pretty sure that the busy roady bit was wrong. Mum kept saying 'Hang on....where are we?.....let me get some bearings....' I tried to tell her. I tried to direct her. She had said 'We need to go to Tesco'. I knew the way, even from the longer route variation. She didn't get the message though! Eventually, she did say 'I think you were right Oaks. I'm sorry!' Never mind. It was a nice workywalkies anyway.
When we got back home there was another floatyboatyhome in front of ours. I wasn't sure if I recognized it or not. It seemed familiar but it has changed colour. I most certainly recognised the occupants though! Well...the humans and one of the doggypals. It was my bestie humanpals Pete and Chrissie with Tizzy my doggybuddy. There was a new doggybuddy too: His name is Max and he is awesome fun! He is a Beagle x Foxhound and he is only 16 months old. He isn't allowed off lead yet but he was on a super long lead so we were able to have a good zoomies session. Tizzy joined in too, but she is a bit senior and sensible! I did go searching for my old buddy, Shadow, in his floatyboatyhome but he wasn't there. Apparently he has gone for his forever freerun. Max has joined the family to make mouths go up at the corners again.

I was a tad tired after that workywalkies and then loony session so was happy to zonk on my bed while Mum and Dad did all their clicketyfingers stuff. Mum said I was snoring at both ends. She said I am unlikely to get another trotter to munch. I have no idea what she means but it was a bit niffy - I think I passed out at one point!

2 photos

Me with a very blurred tail, meeting and greeting Tizzy and Max, plus Chrissie and Pete.

Me passed out on my sofa bed.

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