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Sunday, 19 November 2017

House Arrest!

Jasper! My long missed buddy!

I first met Jasper when he was a diddy pup. He came to visit us aboard our floatyboatyhome. It has been forever since then and we have missed each other sooooo much! Today we were reunited and had a great time getting reacquainted. Jasper is a little Staffie x Frenchie. The poor boy is on something called 'house arrest'. He isn't allowed out at all except to weemail in the garden. That sounds horrific! His humandad said it is because he has a poorly back and is confined to quarters on vet's orders. I did my bestest to cheer him up today. We had a great ear-chewing, kanoodling, rolling session in his lounge. Jasper, I hope you get out of prison soon! I wanna go play properly with you buddy!

In other news today: It was a long workywalkies to church this morning and the grass was all white and crunchy! When I watered it, it hissed and huffed at me! We didn't return by the usual route though - so no freerun! Humph! Instead, it was another long workywalkies to a human yummyery. After a little lie down there, some long missed human buddies arrived! Jan and Lizzie and Adrian Yummyears Hartopp! Ooooooh! that was a lovely waggytail-earlicking-doggykisses reunion! After that Adrian got up and greeted Mum and Dad too!

It was a long under-the-table snooze session but afterwards, I got to ride in the back of their car with Lizzie. That was nice to have company in my space in the car! We went to their house and that was where the bestest reunion happened! That was where Jasper came dashing out to meet n greet me!

Two photos of me and Jasper kanoodling. Jasper is a white-with-grey-patches Staffie x French Bulldog.

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