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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Too Many Good Photos of Me!

Heehee! I like these trips to this church in Rugby. It is a good workywalkies to get there and the return journey includes a freerun! Today it was a longer freerun than last week too! Yippee! When we went down the slope to the long pathway where Dad says there used to be train tracks, instead of turning right to go straight back to floatyboatyhome, we turned left and went quite a nice long way before turning back to zig zag sniff all the way back. Mum says her talkybone thingy told her we had gone 5.75 miles in total. Well....they only did 5.75 miles. I probably did at least double that! Well....what's the point of just walking down the middle when there are so many weemails and other exciting things to check out among the bushes either side?

Work on my calendar continues. Mum and Dad seem to be having trouble choosing just 12 good photos of me. There are too many to choose from! Well...There would be wouldn't there? !!

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