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Monday, 6 November 2017

I met my Daddy Again!!!

A bit of Father-Son bonding time today!

Yessssss! I got another playdate with my doggydaddy Dixon - in that ginormous park! Woohoooo! It was fantabulous!

It all started with a long lazy morning - mainly waiting for Mum and Dad to complete their clicketyfingersing stuff. A big boat with no lid came alongside and the manhuman used a growly squirtyhose thing to give our floatyboatyhome a big drink into its bum end! He also gave us some big bags of those black lumps that get fed to the hotbox, and a big red clangy round thing that went into a big hole in the front. This was swapped with the one that came out of that same hole. The bags of black lumps made Daddy huff and puff and walk funny when he was carrying them.

Once this peculiar episode was over and the topless floatyboat had gone, we set off out. It was only a short walk to the bus stop so I was a bit miffed when we stopped and waited there. I sang a very sad song to Mummy but still we stayed there. Eventually, the bus arrived and on we hopped. It was a shortish ride, then a very exciting workywalkies. I knew where we were and the route was leading to one of two possible good destinations: the first one was the freerun track we went along yesterday. When we got to the gap in the fence at the top of that path, Mum said 'Not today. Straight on'. For a few paces I registered my protest by plodding, but then cancelled that protest in favour of an urgent gallop towards the second possible destination. I was right and just couldn't get there quick enough! Humans are blimmin slow! Mum wanted positive guiding. I delivered VERY positive guiding! What thanks did I get? "STEADY!!" "Oi! That's enough pulling!!". Hufffff! I can't do right for doing wrong! Waddoyamean... wrong reasons? Going to the park is the perfect reason for getting a move on!

"Find the crossing right" was perfect confirmation of the destination. That crossing takes us to the yellow gate into the park. I just about managed to pause long enough to "Get the button" and then wait for the bleepycrossing signal. But that was the end of my patience. Mum said I was more like a bucking rabbit across the road! Oops! Ahem! Well...we made it safely anyway......

Just inside that gate I managed to contain myself just long enough for Mum to remove my bra and noseband/lead and then I was off! There were trees to check out and grass to romp around on and...and...and....Oh....boo....no doggypals like last time! Mumph! But then.....a thunderous set of paws came bounding around the corner! It was my doggydaddy Dixon!! Yippeeeeeee!!!! We wasted not a moment in getting acquainted again, then it was zoomies and loonies for a fab long route all around the whole park!

On our way back we were briefly joined by a big golden Labrador called Shanty. We all three enjoyed a few moments of chase and roll, but then it was back to just DaddyDixon and me again.

I got to share his carboot space with him for a short ride to a human yummyery, where we both got to kanoodle under the table and share dropped morsels and a nice big tub of water.

All too soon it was over and I had to switch back into workywalkies mode to get Mummy and Daddy back home, via a couple of shops. I really hope we can do it all again sometime soon. DaddyDixon and I have a lifetime of notes to compare and it seems we are very alike!

4 photos:
Me and DaddyDixon doing a quick 'Sit' pose - both looking to the left of the picture where Mummy was holding a yummy.

Meeting Shanty. Dixon and I got either side of him to check him out.

A quick game of chase with Shanty.

Another quick 'sit' pose.....well DaddyDixon posed and faced the camera but the contents of Dixon's humandaddy's (Malcolm) pocket was much more interesting. I'm sure the back of my head is just as handsome though!

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