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Friday, 10 November 2017

Hot Cupboard.

Peculiar goings on.....

Dad has been stroking his 12-whiskered noise box, plus humanhowling, (sometimes with his mouth shut - how weird is that?!!), then he tippety taps on his clicketyfingerstoy, then more stroking and howling......He says he is writing cords.....I just don't get it.....I kept out of the way!

I actually had to keep a close eye on Mummy today. She needed me! She has had one of her really bad bad-eyes-days and so has been doing lots of stroking and patting everything with her front paws. I think this is how she finds things. I don't know why she doesn't just use her nose like I do! She has been doing all sorts of what she calls practical jobs. She spent a while down on her knees with her front paws inside the black cupboard that gets fed when it gets hot. She was using some frothy stuff and a funny shiny squiggly scrunched up scrubby thing to groom it ever so harshly. Then she used cloths to stroke it over and over and over again. These strokings started off by making the cloth all black, but it gradually faded with each stroke and slosh sequence.

When she had finished that, she then got a big bowl and put various different dusts in it; some white, some brown. Then she added water and butter and twizzled it all with a shiny stick thing. Then it all made a big blob of gooey stuff that she biffed and squished and bashed and rolled. This then got put back into the big bowl and abandoned for a while. When she got it out again it was huge! It then got another bashing, biffing, scrunching and rolling session, then got cut apart and rolled again. It then got left to grow again into three blobs, before being fed to the hot cupboard.

It smelled delectable when it came out of the hot cupboard. I offered to test it for Mum, but she said it is for tomorrow. Huff!

Most of the afternoon has been spent lying at Mum's back paws while she has been doing that strange crowshaving thing with the little shiny hook stick and the mega long multicoloured tail. She has also had a tail plugged into her ear with a humanvoice yacketying at her through it.

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