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Thursday, 30 November 2017


The quacking featherballs were doing a weird thing this morning; They were kind of semi-walking on water and semi-sinking into it. I watched them with my head tilting in all directions but I just couldn't work out what they were up to.

The grass was all white and crunchy under my paws and the mud was no longer squishy-slippy for Mum. The water was all kind of flat and not moving. It was most peculiar. Where the trees were moulting, the 'furs' they were shedding were kind of bouncing and skidding across the top of the water. 

All this meant that Mum and I just went for a pleasure workywalkies instead of going straight into team-towpath mode. Apparently, it is not a good idea to move our floatyboatyhome through solid water unless really necessary. It clearly wasn't necessary this morning! So, after a pleasant walkies, it was back to snooze by the warmth of the glowing hotbox.

A bit later though, we did set off and conquered 11 locks in total. It was a tad chilly on my botty when I had to sit and wait while Mum did all the hefting and winding stuff, but it was good to be in action. When we were cruising aboard our floatyboatyhome, there were some stretches where the water was still quite solid on top. In these bits, there was a loud 'pyoing-pyoing-pyoing' and lots of crunching noise. I was a little bit worried about this to begin with, but Mum and Dad seemed relaxed enough so I just settle down on the back deck to watch the strange flat water go by in slices.

Photo shows Mum and me workywalkiesing along the towpath. There is a floatyboat beside us, which is ahead of Dad on our floatyboatyhome. We shared most of the locks with this one.

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