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Monday, 27 November 2017

Bouncing Bum!

Ouchy leakysky!

I took Mummy and Daddy on a big workywalkies and busridies. We went to a floatyboatyvet place (our floatyboatyhome is not poorly though so nothing to worry about). I got to stay with a nice manhuman in the office while Mummy and Daddy went to see inside another floatyboat. After that, we walked to the bus stop, then went into Rugby again. First stop was the Post Office (big triumphant bum bounce just inside the door when Mum told me how clever I am to 'Find the Post Office'! - clever enough for TWO treats!). Second stop was the Opticians (I found that too!) where Mum got her new eyewindows. Then a humanyummyery where i simply had to lie down under the table and dream of the bacon I could smell. Huff!

Third stop was the talkybone shop again. Thankfully we didn't stay long this time. Just long enough for Mum to get something sorted out on her new talkybone and for me to get a few fusses!

After a bit more wandering around Rugby town shoppyplace, in and out of a few other shops, we caught another bus and then workywalkiesded to a foodyshop called Aldi. That was fine, I directed Mum successfully around there and she did the right thing by getting a big bag of carrots! It was after we left there and were walking back to our floatyboatyhome that the ouchies happened. The sky started to leak. At first it was just about tolerable (I don't like workywalkies with leakyskies but when it is just a bit damp I can put up with it). Then it started to get soggy enough to be running off my nose. That makes my head hang low. I don't like it! But it got even worse when the sky started flinging little tiny ouchy white balls at us too! That was just not nice at all! Hooooowwwwwlllll!

Thankfully, it didn't last long and we made it home to get a good towelrub to make it all better again. The sofa has been a pleasant, warm, dry place to snooze away the rest of the afternoon!

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