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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Super Sized Carrot!

Team Towpath par Excellence!

Just Mum and me and miles of mud! We did good methinks!

Mum dug out my scruffy old harness - the one that is reserved for working in yucky conditions. I'm very glad we didn't meet anyone! The shame of it! That harness is soooo tatty! Anyway, we set off workywalkiesing the towpath. The big glowball in the sky was super bright and kind of low down, and we were walking straight towards it, so Mum really couldn't see where she was going. At first it was OK; a bit squishy underpaw but not too bad. Mum was doing well on that. Then it all got squishier and slippyer and ickyer. Mum kept saying "Wowowowo". I thought she was trying to be a hound! After a couple of such baying sessions though, I sussed it! She was finding it hard to walk. Silly two-legs were slip-sliding all over the place. Sturdy four-legs had no problem! Once I had worked that one out though, I was ready to slow down and warn Mum with a knee-nuzzle when we came to such icky bits. That, apparently was very pleasing! Very good work! Work worth a yummy!

On some stretches, the path got really narrow and so Mum did her lead-through-harness-handle thing and gave me the command "Go ahead". I like doing this. It is a great opportunity for me to truly show Mum what I can do. It also gives me good chances to sneak in a bit extra sniffing of local weemail gossip! Heehee! Mum can't lift my head up when we are working in this mode! She can biff me up the bum though! Huff! There were a few icky patches in our 'go ahead' stretches, so I slowed right down and looked back at Mum to make sure she got the message and was careful.

We made it! No slips. No mishaps. we got back aboard floatyboatyhome and I got the biggest carrot Mum could find! Yummmmy!

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