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Sunday, 26 November 2017


A good Sunday today!

Workywalkies to a new church.

New humanfriends to meet n greet. (and pose for one-eyed-clickybox)
New hoovering territory - it seems that something called cheesecake goes a good splat when it is dropped on the floor but it was delicious to help with the clean up operation!

Workywalkies back, via a park for a freerun - Yippeeee!

Three locks to work with Mummy (well, actually two with Mummy and the last one with Daddy because it got too dark for Mummy).

Then Bone time! It is finished now so there's only one thing left to do to round off a good day; Sofasnuggles with Mummy! Mmmmmzzzzzzz......

Photo shows Mummy and me posing in the middle of the room where church was this morning. A nice ladyhuman is poining her talkybone at us to take a photo.

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