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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Oh Buggle It!

Soggy Doggy - twice!

The sky has been leaking non-stop. That meant two lots of lovely towel rub! Heeheee! Much better than Mum's choice - she removed all of her soggy fursubstitutes and put on different ones. A good game of towel rub is far superior!

'Let's go out' turned out to be a short workywalkies to the bus stop again, followed by a long wait. Eventually, the bus arrived and took us into town. Daddy abandoned us and went off to do his own thing while Mum and I went into a yummyery where we found my colleague Slipper. Oh...she did have her humanmum, Lyn with her too! Of course, this meant a lie down under the table while the inevitable yacketying went on, along with drinking of hot brown stinky waterstuff. It was OK though. Lying under a table is always much nicer with a buddy! Mum was very pleased with me for not doing any kanoodling or elephant-seal impressions. I think I need to try harder in future. I think I let myself down!

The rest of the day has been largely cozy-snoozing aboard floatyboatyhome. Daddy is still working on my calendar. At one point, he used some funny tail-thing to connect his clicketyfingerstoy to the talkylightscreen on the wall. Then a whole succession of different pictures of me appeared! Apparently this was the choosing process. Now Dad is click click clicking and, a couple of times, has said something like 'Oh buggle it' and 'it crashed'! I didn't hear any loud bang or crunches so I have no idea what crashed into what but I don't think Daddy was too happy. He assures me though, that the calendar is now 'coming together'. These humans do yip weird things sometimes!


  1. Great to hear a calendar is in process. We were only wondering yesterday if there would be one for 2018 !

    1. It's all ready now. Have you ordered yours?