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Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Bleugh! That snack was good when I found it but not nice when it reappeared!

I managed to find my way out of floatyboatyhome and through the hedge. There are some baa-ing four-legged clouds there and I wandered in to say hello. I found some very yummy nuggets on the ground and managed to snaffle a few before Dad spoiled my fun and hoicked me back. I don't think Mum or Dad were too impressed with me. Oooooops! :(

We had visitors; two growed up humans; Simon (with lots of fur on his chin - rather like a Schnauzer!) and Esther, plus two minihumans; Livvy and Noah. Livvy is a bit like Mummy; she has eyesight in need of a me! She says she might have a me one day when she gets a bit bigger. Of course, all this meant ooooooodles of human yacketying going on and they had something called 'cake' to munch too. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself though, so I want and laid down in a dark place! That was when my tummy turned the wrong way and emptied onto the floor!

I am OK again now though. The pictures of me in my 2018 calendar are all nice happy healthy photos! If you want a handsome boy on your wall then get your order in very soon as they are selling fast. That means we are raising some good shinydisks to sponsor another puppy to train to be a 'me'. Maybe one that could be for Livvy one day soon.....


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