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Friday, 1 September 2017

Yacking and MORE blimmin Yacketying...

Huh! Mummy left me......for a whole.....two minutes! It was like forever! How could she? I thought I had been abandoned! I squeaked and cried and whimpered and.... oh! It was just awful! She said I would be out of the way while Daddy was doing the squirtysnake thing to give the boat a drink. But how could I possibly have been in the way when SHE was doing yummy things in the galley? I might have missed out on a dropped crumb! Daddy finally came to my rescue and released me so I could get inside to check for any mess that Mum might need me to clear up off the floor. I found not an atom! I swear that, in my absence, some other beastie must have stolen my job.

I had a great time playing with a doggypal today. Twice! Once before we left our mooring this morning, and again when we moored up this evening. Her name is Belle. She is a Sprollie (Springer Spaniel x Collie). We had a fantabulous game of chase and box and roll while our humans were busy doing loads of yacketying. When we moored up at our new home, Theale, for tonight, Belle came along the towpath. This time, I got to go inside our floatboatyhome and choose a toy to share with Belle. A squeaky spacehopper was the perfect choice. We had a great time taking it in turns to run and fetch it, then give it a good squeakychew!

2 photos:
Me sitting on the towpath beside our boat, tethered to the railing, looking very forlorn. Pic taken from inside the boat.

Playtime with Belle beside our two respective floathyboatyhomes, while our humans stand yacking.

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