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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Car Bra!

Mmmm! I think I am learning to rather like little microhuman Hallie. We went to visit today and she got my yummies pouch (the one that Mum usually has in her pocket for when I need edible proof of how good I am!). That pouch has my whistle attached to it (the one that peeps on to tell me she has food for me). Hallie very soon learned to peep it. That got me into very hopeful mode. That whistle must always be followed up with edible reward for my response. Hallie ate one of my treats first (I didn't mind sharing just that one!) but then she gave one to me. Then she peeped again - another yummy for me! Soon the pouch was 'all gone'! Very soon though it was time for my dinner. Mum put it into my picnic bowl and put it down on the floor. I was a good boy and did a good 'sit' waiting eagerly for my whistle peep. Once again, it was Hallie who peeped the whistle. I don't care who peeps it really! I got my dinner!

Before going to visit Rosie and Hallie, we also went to visit Papa. He gave me some great fuss and a yummy too! I took him, as well as Mum and Dad for a workywalkies to a human yummyery, then back again for another chance to water the bushes in his garden!

So, basically it has been a bit of a yummy day! And I got ot ride in luxury on the back seat of the car that Dad went to get this morning.

It seems though that manhumans don't know how to put on a bra! Dad put my car-bra on me and attached me to the seat strap in the car. When Mum saw it she pointed out to Dad that, not only did I have my front leg through the neck bit, but also, the whole thing was back to front and upside down! It was much more comfortable after a refit!

Video shows Hallie giving me my treats. I was very gentle taking them from her little front paw.

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