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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Sulk Fuel!

I shared my bed and my bones with a girlie pooch today! Her name is Pearl and she is a little white pompom dog (aka Cavashon). She was great fun to freerun around the nature reserve with but she was scary when she barked at me for getting too close to MY bone! I retreated and left her to munch on all three of my bones! It was safer!

Pearl came to visit with her humanmum called Mireille who is a workyhuman at Guide Dogs. She is also humanfriends with Mum and Dad. We went together for a little freerun before coming back aboard floatyboatyhome. Of course, the humans did the inevitable hot brown stinky drink thing and ooooooooodles of yacketying. Pearl and I sat on my bed for a while together but then I went to the other end of the boat to let her get on with trying to munch my bones. She is so diddy though, she couldn't do much work on them. They are big bones for a big boy!

All this came after my first short freerun around the nature reserve. That was a nice start to the day - even though the sky was leaking a bit. I do rather like it when we moor by a good 'garden' like this! Then we went off for a long workywalkies to do humanfood shopping. That wasn't such fun under leakyskies. Wet working is sulk-fuel. Wet freerunning - well that is just fine!

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