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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Accidental Swim, Ahem!...

Woohoo! Another favourite mooring! Another wonderful garden!
We have cruised with humanfriends Val and Oliver aboard. That meant that I got to enjoy freerunning at most of the locks because Mum had their help! Yippee! I even managed to sneak in a few games of ball too! Somehow, I seemed to manage to get a bit wet! I have no idea how that happened Mum.....honest....no idea at all! Ahem!

We are now moored at the place Mum and Dad say is called Fobney Lock, on the outskirts of Reading. I call it fabulous because it is beside a huge freerun paradise with a huge puddle in the middle. Mum says it is a nature reserve so the puddle is not for pooches! I shall have to show her who it is for if I can find a way in......

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