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Thursday, 21 September 2017

All Sorts of Challenges!

Mum pointed her talkybone at me this morning while we were workywalkiesing along beside the big wide water she says is called The Tems. We had to do quite a lot of our ‘Go ahead’ work because it was a really tricky narrow overgrown path. I really really really had to strut my stuff in some places; slippy mud, narrow paths, rough ground, overgrown spiky bushes, gates.... all sorts of challenges. But we did it! in one place, there were some tree-toes sticking up out of the ground to over Mum’s knee height. I just jumped over when Mum told me to ‘hup’ but she had to kind of sit on top and then swivel over. 4 paws wins again in the superiority stakes!

Click on the link below to see Mum's video:


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