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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bestest Sniffing.

How on earth do they find so much 'entertainment' in those blimmin clicketyfingers toy things? Mum's one yacketies at her all the time so at least it has that extra dimension of 'interest', but even so......

Dad has sat there staring at his one aaaaaallllll day. All I hear is clicketyclicketyclicketyclickclickclick.......

I did take Daddy walkies first thing this morning - to take the car back to its carkennel place, then walkies back again. I then persuaded Mummy that she needed a wander around the nature reserve. On the way around there, I found a funny little skittery critter. It was just sitting there in the long grass. It was a bit like a miniature version of my toy crocodile but dark coloured and about as long as my paw is wide. I told Mum it was there by wagging my tail whilst staring intently at it. Mum came to check it out and caught a brief glimpse of it before I tried to sniff it. It then skittered away into the long grass. Mum says she thinks it was something called a newt. I would have loved to investigate it more but, despite my bestest sniffing about, I couldn't find it again.

A bit later, I took Mummy for a workywalkies around a block. That was just for the pleasure of going walkies! She didn't even put my noseband on. She still had it with her though - something about 'just in case' - something about 'put it on if necessary'..... it wasn't necessary! Edible backup to praise when I obeyed the 'leave it' command was much nicer than that itchy thing!

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