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Friday, 22 September 2017

Big "Hup", but Big "Parkyplace"!

Whinge Whinge Whinge! That's what Dad accused me of! Huh! How rude! I was simply registering my protest at being trapped! I don't like these locks on this Tems river thing! I don't get to be up and out and working them with Mum. Instead, I have to stay on deck while Mum and Dad hold the boat's leads - one at each end. It made me squeak! I wanted action! Huffffff!

This evening's mooring is a mixed blessing; on the one paw, it is a huge jump 'hup' to the land beside us. We are a long way down - the windows are filled by the wall! That big jump got me a bit squeaky (and getting back down again was even more scary!). Once up there though, it is wonderful - a biiiiig open parkyplace! Lots of pooch pals to meet and greet! Yessss!

Photo shows me on harness, beside Mum on the pavement when we went workywalkies into tonight's town - Abingdon.

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