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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Because I'm Worth it!

It seems that Doggyplay is something called 'embarrassing' to humans. I found loads of pals to play with this morning in the huge park beside our mooring. I played proper doggy games. Mum seemed to say lots of 'Sorry' to their humans. She also told me to 'put my lipstick away'. Humans are so weird!

That was a great start to the day though! That field/park took us all the way from our mooring to the first lock and I got to enjoy freerunning all of it. I even managed to sneak in a quick paddle in the river! Heehee!

Now, after all that hard work, followed by some serious deck warming and then some hard work on a new bone, and taking Daddy on a long explore of our new mooring (Mum had fed my harness to the froth monster machine so I couldn't take her workywalkies!), I seem to be in need of recuperation.

Photo shows me asleep on my duvet bed on the sofa. It has a blue cover with cartoon marine creatures on it. My head is on a matching pillow. Dad says I am spoilt. Mum says I am worth it. I say I am comfy! Thank you. Night night!

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